The 5 star lighting efficiency  

An outstanding lighting system needs more than a large power consumption of the LED chip. That’s why we analyzed and optimized these five aspects of the lighting system:

  • Weight- Our solutions are as light as a feather. Optimized weight with high light output
  • Size- Headlights and light modules from innoflyer are super compact. Smallest sizes with high light output
  • Light output- Best lumen per watt ratio. We take into account all the way from the battery to the optics of the LED
  • Reliability- 100% continuous operation, 100% safety
  • Intelligence-First current- and temperature-controlled LED in RC hobbies

Thanks to the optimal interaction of these five areas, you benefit from our 5-star lighting efficiency.

Get the maximum out of your lighting. We call it MLT

With MLT (Maximum Light Tracking) we achieve a brilliant, safe and uncomplicated lighting experience. You have the freedom to install the LED exactly where you want it. You just have to connect it. We'll take care of everything else. Thanks to a novel temperature measurement on each individual headlight or light module, the LightDriver 5.0 monitors and regulates the status of the LED. Your lighting system will always be operated in the best and brightest operating conditions under the given environmental conditions - without compromising on safety.

Temperature measurement

The temperature of each innofly headlamp or light module is measured by the LightDriver 5.0. This means that we always operate the LED in the optimum range regardless of the environmental conditions. Maximum brightness without the risk of overheating.

Intelligent power source

Uniform and brilliant lighting behavior of each LED. Regardless of the input voltage, LED color or temperature. The constant current makes the difference. The LightDriver 5.0 operates every LED with the correct constant current. Questions about series resistors or other relics from the old days are superfluous.

Identification of the bulbs

In order to operate the LED optimally and with maximum efficiency, all innoflyer spotlights or light modules are detected by the LightDriver 5.0 when plugged in.


Thanks to MLT, your system always stays in the optimum range of all components. And more importantly, your model is taken with maximum security.

The switch-on time or the heat development of the LED is not an issue with MLT. Unlimited duty cycle is a matter of course for us.

Mounting the LED without tinkering. Thanks to standardized mounting solution

You can install almost anything with a bit of skill, but with our innovative assembly technology it’s much faster and easier. Thanks to standardized M2 threaded bushes on all headlamps and light modules, installation in the model succeeds right away – and in the case of all, everything can be removed again without a trace. The professionals use the mounting bolts to further optimize the cooling of the LED, and get out even more light output depending on the installation situation.

No project is like the other. Perfectly matched lighting system thanks to modular components

“The” lighting does not exist. That's why we do not have "the" lighting set. But our ready-made and modular components help you put together your perfect lighting system - without compromise.


Each LightDriver 5.0 has two master/slave connections. Each of these can be connected to another LightDriver 5.0. The system can be expanded to up to 15 channels.

Large selection

Countless floodlights and light modules are available in a wide variety of designs. The use of many third-party LED is possible.


Everybody starts small. The claims change over time. That's why our system is expandable at any time.

Always up to date. The free firmware updates for the LightDriver 5.0

We are constantly on the ball and develop solutions to offer the most efficient lighting systems in the future as well. With our update possibility of the LightDriver 5.0 you profit free of all further developments, which we realize on the LightDriver 5.0. And yes, we also make mistakes. Bugfixes are included.

Easily integrated into existing systems

Throw away and buy new was yesterday. If not with full functionality - The LightDriver 5.0 goes along with all the old innoflyer LightSourcen and also many LED from third party manufacturers. So you can continue to use existing components and still benefit from a large part of the latest innoflyer technology.

Backward compatibility

All old innoflyer LightSources of the CP, CPL and CPLL class can be used with few restrictions.

3rd Party/Other manufacturers

Many third-party LEDs can be used with few restrictions. Check the forward voltage of your LED with the specifications in our specifications of the LightDriver 5.0.

Unique method of controlling the lighting system

Flying is demanding and needs the full concentration of the pilot. Controlling our lighting system in the air is therefore super simple. With our new Dynamic Mode, all you need is a 3-way switch and an RC channel to handle even the most complex lighting schemes in the air.

Super bright lighting without glare

What is extra luminosity in the bright day must not be, at dusk or night to the problem. With the "Night Operation" function, you can return each LED to a pre-set level during the flight. So you always keep the perspective even in difficult lighting conditions.

Novel method for controlling the lighting in the air

With LightDriver 5.0, we introduce the concept of “Light Condition 1-5”. You can compare these with the known flight conditions on the remote control. In each of the 5 Light Condition you can individually program all 5 channels of the LightDriver 5.0. Using an RC channel, you recall the 5 Light Condition during operation, giving you maximum control over the lighting. This offers unprecedented, new possibilities compared to the classic methods, where only a “switching point” can be programmed.