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LightCockpit v2.0 64 Bit Version

LightCockpit v2.0 32 Bit Version

LightCockpit v2.1

LightCockpit V2.0 – 28.01.2018

* Standby mode for LD 5.0
* Support for handling compatibility issues with different firmware versions and LightCockpit versions
* Smarter firmware update dialog
* Auto save and restore of LD 5.0 configuration during firmware update

* User library persists when updating light cockpit

* Solved USB communication protocol handling issue
* Solved problem when selecting and applying the same Library Pattern more than once in a row
LightCockpit v1.1 – 09.03.2017

* Solved incorrect aMean value calculation
LightCockpit v1.0 – 11.02.2017

-first release

Default Settings Light Driver 5.0

Firmware Light Driver 5.0

Firmware v2.1

Firmware Light Driver 5.0 v2.1 – 20.03.2018

* New Filter introduced on activation sequence for Night Operation. Solves problems with garbage PWM Signals produced with Futaba T14SG Transmitters and 3-Way Switches.

Firmware Light Driver 5.0 v2.0 – 26.01.2018

New Feature:
* Standby Mode
* Support for LightCockpit v2.0
Firmware Light Driver 5.0 v1.3 – 01.11.2017

New Feature:
* Support for SLC Expander
Firmware Light Driver 5.0 v1.0 – 11.02.2017

-first release