The revolution in lighting technology

The Innoflyer way to modern and efficient aircraft lighting!

Your light compositions are the focus

Intuitive, playful and uncomplicated. With the Light Cockpit you create your own light sequences. Program everything easily - and get ideas from our large Preset Library

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Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of finished lighting patterns

Get started right away with the Preset Library. In one click you select and activate a perfectly composed lighting sequence – just like in the original. Develop the sequences, change them and make the collection perfect with your own creations.

That's how it works
LightCockpit - Preset Library

Latest LED technology. Intelligent. Efficient. Modular.

The intelligence of the LightDriver 5.0 makes our LED shine brighter than anything else. Thanks to their efficiency, they remain compact and sexy. We call it state-of-the-art LED technology because you really have nothing to do with it - plug in and be astonished. No lighting system is like the other. The modular concept gives you all the freedom to realize your dream plant.

More functions

Choose the appropriate spotlights and light modules for your project

Round or square. Fluted or clear glass. Aerodynamic and drop-shaped. Three standards, white, green, red and everything combined. As multifaceted as your lighting project, our wide range of ready-to-install headlamps and light modules is just as varied. It's your choice…