Connect your LightDriver 5.0 to the PC

All you need is a USB 2.0 Micro Cable and a Windows or macOS computer with a current installation of the LightCockpit. Connect the LightDriver 5.0 with the USB Micro Cable and a free USB port on your PC.


Create your light composition with the LightCockpit

By turning and dragging, you can create, modify or copy lighting sequences and give the LightDriver 5.0 its own personal touch. Easy and fast. Ok, sometimes it’s not that fast – because it’s too much fun playing with it.

The green LEDs on each SLC show you at all times how your lighting sequence works.


Connect your light modules

Supply your LightDriver 5.0 with power (only USB is not enough). Connect the headlights and light modules with a free SLC on the LightDriver 5.0 and experience your created light sequences in full brilliance. But beware, from now it gets really bright.