Light Cockpit v2.0 / Firmware v2.0

From now on the support area will download the new LightCockpit v2.0 and the matching firmware v2.0 ready. A highlight is the newly introduced standby mode. This makes the operation of the lighting system even easier on a long flight day or meeting. By switching off the RC channel used, the LightDriver 5.0 is set to standby mode and all SLCs are switched off. This is especially helpful if an external battery is used to power the lighting system. As soon as the RC system is shut down, the lighting will also switch off.

Continuous development is important to us. New insights and inputs from our customers help to make the product better and better. Thanks to the Light Hardware 5.0’s modern hardware platform, our customers benefit from these developments simply and for free.

In order to use the new features, all you have to do is install the LightCockpit v2.0 and program your Light Driver 5.0 with the new firmware v2.0. And off you go. Have fun testing.

By the way: Are there any features that we do not yet map as you wish? Do you have any innovative suggestions for new features? Then come here! It is not always feasible, but we take customer input seriously and like to think about it.